Posted by Mandy Hawks on 2/10/22 10:53 AM

The Global Mobility industry is full of smart people, but it’s rare to find someone who can combine industry expertise with practical knowledge and dedication, such as Vicki Marsh, Head of UK Operations at Equus. We were thrilled to see Vicki’s hard work recognized at this year’s FEM EMMAs in London where she was awarded Mobility Professional of the Year.

Tyler Reynolds, Chief Sales Officer at Equus describes, “Not many people are as committed as Vicki. She constantly challenges us to find new ways to innovate and support our clients around the world. She is not only a leader in our business, but a passionate and highly respected expert in our industry.”

Vicki has been advising on global mobility process and program management for the last 14 years and has become a trusted advisor to many of her clients, providing insight and guidance to help support their global mobility programs.

As one client explains, “Vicki has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to understanding the Global Mobility market and perhaps most valuable to us, an insight to the future of Global Mobility. She is always able to give valuable steer on what she is seeing peer companies focus on, both from a technology/data perspective as well as policies and processes. We highly value the expertise and direction she brings to the table.”

Vicki’s passion is relentless and goes beyond the task at hand. “Vicki adopts a very proactive mindset and has encouraged us to meet regularly with the view to sharing our key goals, objectives and program challenges,” describes another one of her clients. “She has taken away these insights and worked hard to craft ideas and solutions for us - both in terms of system design solutions but more broadly offering up inspiration based on her industry expertise, knowledge and connections.”

Everyone at Equus feels privileged to have Vicki on our team. Her deep knowledge and dedication is a true inspiration to all of us.

Congratulations Vicki!


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