Posted by Tim Wells on 8/30/17 2:28 PM
Tim Wells

By Tim Wells, VP of Technology at Equus.

Thriving Abroad is a training and coaching organisation that works with multinational organisations to provide a range of support solutions to their expat population. Its aim is to maximise the benefits of an international move for the employee, their family and their employer.

They have a new self-titled book out, authored by Louise Wiles and Evelyn Simpson (both have been expats themselves). It is a great read and is receiving rave reviews from the industry!

It is primarily aimed at expats to provide a framework, insight and advice on how to prepare and maximise the benefits they receive from their international opportunity. I think it’s also a good read for corporate mobility teams and service providers in the industry too, as it provides a broader context and further insight in to the expat experience to help these key stakeholders support their employees/clients and better understand their perspective.

The book is in three parts:

Part 1 – Putting International Relocation in to Context

This section identifies key considerations for an employee whilst making their decision about whether to accept an assignment opportunity. It looks at the benefits of gaining international experience (both personal and professional), as well as some of the challenges that expats may experience, particularly in the early days. This insight is backed by stories and case studies from expats who have been through the process themselves. It also introduces the role of the corporate global mobility function (a chapter I was honoured to be asked to contribute to), which provides a concise overview of what expats can generally expect from their GM team.

Part 2 – Making It Happen

The second part of the book discusses both the practical and intangible preparations employees may consider making in the pre-assignment period. It covers logistical preparations for the moving process itself and discusses the emotional impact living and working overseas may have on an employee and their family. Throughout the book, there are examples and case studies from real expats who have been through the relocation experience with their employers. This insight should be extremely helpful to employees starting out on the expat journey, enabling them to come in to this process prepared and with appropriate expectations, therefore increasing the changes of assignment success for both the employee and their employer.

Part 3 – Arriving to Thriving Abroad

The third and final part of this book looks at that critical post-arrival period in the new overseas location. As you would expect from its apt title, it sets out strategies for integration (both at work and the local community) and building support networks quickly so that expats and their families can settle as quickly as possible.

Thriving Abroad is packed with useful advice and real-life stories from expats about their experiences during the relocation process. It is an easy read and even contains a jargon-busting glossary of relocation terminology and a list of additional online resources to support the employee. It could provide a great level of support to your expats of the future. Thriving Abroad is available for purchase from Amazon.

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